Building Core Strength

I was at one stage going to call this post “Building a Core of Steel” but I’ve always had pretty rubbish core strength so I think steel is a long way off.

However, I have been keen to work on my core strength for a very long time and now I’m in training for the London Marathon, the time has come to actually do something about the still flabby region around my midrift.

A friend of mine posted this Plank workout to his Facebook page a few weeks ago and I thought I’d give it a go, I’m currently up at the 60 seconds stage and it’s really starting to get painful but I’ve also noticed that my abs are hurting less when I take the pace of my runs up; probably a bit psychological but I like to think the beasting I’m giving myself in the plank position is paying off too.


Plank workout for beginners – copied from a friend’s Facebook post

Core strength is being given increasing importance by runners and all elite runners spend a big proportion of their time working on their abs.  The muscles in your abdomen, lower back and glutes provide the stability, power and endurance essential for powering up hills, increasing your pace and maintaining efficiency mile after mile.  It’s not just running of course, core strength is seen as the foundation for all movement and those of us who used to weigh 23 stone can use all the muscle tone around the tummy we can get our hands on.

It’s painful stuff at the moment but as I say, I think I’m already seeing some of the benefit when I run.  This is sure to get better and better and help get me round 26 and a bit miles as efficiently as possible.

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